IO Interactive:

IO ( is the place where my life and CG had crossed paths again.
I started out doing some 3D for Freedom Fighters, a game published with EA.
I worked all in all 3 years in IO, shifting at a point from level design to the art department.
In 2005 I left to travel the world. Since then I wondered through the offices of IO for some quick work and was always treated like it was my home and natural habitat.

The projects:

Freedom Fighters was my 1st touch with game production. I started doing the simplest of 3D background art for all levels and later, when my 3D skills became trustable enough, moved into level design on Governor's Island with 2 of my colleagues.

Hitman Contracts was a speed product, designed from start as a painkiller to Eidos's agonizing deterioration in stocks. It was, in my opinion, a very polished, professional act of game manufacturing with a timeline of 8 months, and the process completely controlled from day zero to the last.
By the end of that project, however, I was insistent on moving into art and IO started up their art department, under Martin Guldbaek. Our 1st job was Project M that turned later into Kane & Lynch.

Kane & Lynch started very differently from how it ended up. It had quite a few shifts
In character until it settled down where it did.
I did some general art for this project as an IO Interactive employee in Copenhagen,
Depicting environments, atmosphere, characters and storyboarded some scenarios. Some went into the game- some didn't.
As usually was the case with IOI, I was given great freedom with my art and ideas to offer the level designers and art director whatever came into my mind and had visual form.

ChimpKing was a 4-month long project designed to form a look for a game pitch contracted by IO Interactive.
Janos Flosser, the creative head of the group defined the project's guidelines: "make a game with chimps" and work went from there on, covering all ranges of design and concept in the way I thought might best describe such a game.
I started with some quick chimp sketches while studying chimp behavior, societies, environments and most than all- look & movement.
From there I quickly spread my work onto other species and inter-species interactions, then environments, colors and scenarios.
Styling went toward cartoonish and when we reached the point of 3D we contacted Yuval Nathan who helped with everything:
improving on design, modeling, rigging, shading, animation, story and overall concept.

TV commercials:

Storyboarding on a big scale was something I started with when coming back to Israel from my year's travel. I started freelancing as a storyboarder and occasionally doing concept art for TV. On my customers' list I have
> Phone & cellular companies: Bezeq, Cellcom, Pelefon
> Banks: bank of Israel, bank Hapoalim, bank Igud
> Food & such: Strauss, Shufersal, Nestle, Spring, Tnuva, Yotvata, Telma
And others such as the Kosovo government, Teva, Volvo, AIG and more.